If there’s one thing we have in bucket loads here at Hellion, it’s resilience. We’re determined not to let news of another lockdown get us down and have spent the weekend straightening things out and plotting a steady course towards a Happy Hellion Christmas.

The news of a second lockdown caused something of a stir in the workshop. The little folk immediately set off on a hunt for the lesser spotted loo roll while the alphabet cuboids spelled out doom and gloom, the boats set sail for anywhere except here and the weather blobs refused to show anything but rain.

Thankfully, Dr H was swiftly on the case to reassure everyone that Christmas hasn’t been cancelled, it’s just going to be a bit different this year. Come what may, we’re counting down to our Christmas launch. The first stage will take flight on Friday 6th November, when we’ll be suiting up, setting our sights on the stars and blasting off into the unknown.

By the end of the month we’ll be back down to earth, preparing to celebrate the festive season and the turning of the year. We’ll be looking ahead to all those special memories yet to be created in 2021 and beyond. We might be announcing something special of our own at the beginning of December.

In the meantime, it appears that somebody – or something – has been keeping a very close eye (or three) on what’s taking shape in the workshop.