Happy New Year Everyone!

I really wanted to start 2021 with a bang, but I think Hellion has had one much bigger than expected! The first  day back to the new workshop was one filled with two inches of water. We have had such cold, snowy days and ice here, it had sadly got to the pipes. About 70 % of the building had been flooded in total.

So far, the place has been drained (I know) and work needs doing to get it back usable. We have been told to expect a two week timeframe just to dry everything out. In light of this, I’m expecting my order books not to be opening now until early February. Hopefully at some point in the first week depending on how everything goes 🤞

I’ll be keeping everyone up-to-date on Instagram stories when I can. So pop over to our Instagram channel to have a nosey .

In the meantime my email box is open for inquiries or any requests, so drop me a line at Drhellion@helliontoys.co.uk or retail@helliontoys.co.uk if it’s about stock

Keep safe everyone.

Dr. Hellion