The year marches on and it’s time for another post flood update!

If you are saying, uh, what flood?! Then you may want to check out my last post. Or just to recap, I walked into the workshop at the start of January to what was essentially a swimming pool. Sadly the very cold snap of weather had gotten to the pipes and at some point, the pipes had burst. It had been like this for some time I think.

The floor was deep with water and the first two weeks of January we had to wait for the water to drain away and leave equipment to dry the space out. Sadly the water damage was quite extensive, meaning the floor had to come out in a considerable portion of the space, plaster too needed removing and this uncovered more work to do.

Luckily the barn received attention very quickly and much of the water damaged materials were removed and replaced by the end of January. The start of February the plasterer has thankfully come fixed up the walls too. So it feels like we are on the right path now, to putting back skirting boards, new floor coverings and luck of paint.

No doubt this ‘wrapping up’ phase will take until the middle of the February, by which point I can unpack my equipment and reorganise!

This is why March is now set as the month for reopening, giving a realistic timeframe to get organised and get back to work. I’ll announce an exact date at the start of March when I can reopen the webshop, with goodies to sell and some next exciting projects in the wings.

Until then. I’m still adding weekly updates on my Instagram stories which you can come peak at. Thank you for all your messages of support and sticking with us in our watery 2021!

Dr Hellion.