Brand Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is no longer active. Please see our Instagram account for our Brand Rep program. 

Thanks for your interest in the Hellion Toys brand Ambassador Program. It is an exclusive and exciting opportunity to those who are selected, to help grow a small independent business by being long term collaborators.

It is EU wide, focused on social media engagement and offers exclusive toys and discounts to our collaborators, in exchange for high-quality photos, online engagement and feedback.


Aim of the Program

Our aim is to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with a small but supportive group of collaborators. We are looking for people who want to work with us, get to know us and stay on board as we grow. It is an opportunity suited to people who are passionate, creative and like to collaborate. Especially fans of Hellion Toys!

What does a Hellion ambassador do?

The overall job of a Hellion ambassador is to strengthen our online presence, positively communicate what we do and contribute to the growth of our small business.

We aim to do this for two distinct segments. The first is discerning parents who look for high quality, excellence and something unique for their children. The second is brick and mortar retailers who stock artisan, custom made or high-quality children’s furniture, toys and lifestyle items.

Program Requirements

Hellion Ambassadors must be capable of taking bright, clear and inspiring photographs. Ideally, helping us to show our toys amongst beautiful homes, nurseries, playrooms and outdoor spaces. We expect fresh photos to be reguarly made available for Hellion Toys social channels or marketing materials. We only work with people who are motivated and confident to work self-directed.

Hellion Ambassadors must be confident at engagement on social media and happy to undertake regular stories, channel takeovers, hosting giveaways, blog posts and other public-facing activities that increase interest in what we do.

Finally, we like to see our Ambassadors confidently engage in conversation with others about what we are doing and other important surrounding topics. This includes ethical making, sustainability and being knowledgeable about the environmental issues with plastics.

Program Restrictions

Photos of other toys, such as sustainable, ethical and rainbow toys, books, children’s furniture and more are welcomed alongside our toys. However, we would not want to be seen alongside anything unfavourable to the Brand.  So no alcohol, cigarettes, plastic toys or anything that goes against our overall ethos.

We don’t routinely work with ambassadors who have longstanding affiliations or arrangments with other toy retailers or toymakers, just because it causes a conflict of interest. There are exceptions to this rule, but generally, we find it can just get complicated.

We expect a tag or acknowledgement from our ambassadors and from the other brands if photos are shared that contain our items.

Selection Process

In order to be selected, we are looking for the following criteria to be met.

  • A Good Eye for Photography and Storytelling.

Bright, clear, tidy and well-composed photographs are an essential requirement

  • Potential to Influence.

We look to see what reach you have and where.

  • High Engagement Rate and Following.

We are looking at not only follower counts, but engagement rates and quality of engagement overall.

  • Use of Public Accounts

We need an online presence which is visible, searchable and public.  We do not, however, demand that you use full face shots of your children or family. We believe in your children’s rights to privacy and are happy for artistic crops, side views and photos from behind.

  • Motivated and regular user of social media

We prefer active accounts that post regularly, which are run by people who understand social media, its algorithms and how to use it well.

  • Affiliations

We aim for ambassadors to become long term collaborators. We do wish to avoid affiliations or ongoing commitments ongoing with other toy makers or toy retailers that could cause a conflict of interest

Brand Ambassador Benefits

  • Ambassadors will receive a unique discount code that works sitewide
  • Ambassadors will receive a unique friend and family discount too
  • Ambassadors will automatically receive discounts on new products before they are available to the general public
  • Ambassadors can get custom design work undertaken at a significant discount
  • Ambassadors will receive behind the scenes updates, sneak peeks of news, new releases and be offered the opportunity to feed into product development cycles. We work as a team together.

Brand Ambassador Termination

  • Ambassadors will remain in good standing as long as the above qualifications are met.
  • If one does not meet the required expectations, they will be placed on probation. The first violation of expectations will result in a warning. The second violation of expectations will result in removed from the program.


We only take applications to be ambassadors through email. Please apply directly to Dr Hellion – Selina[at] using the subject ‘ambassador’. Give a little background about who you are, where we can find you online and how you found out about Hellion Toys.  Successful Ambassadors start a three month trial in the first instance and this gives us a chance to get to know each other too 🙂