Made In Britain

Made in The Heart of the Ribble Valley, UK

We make all our toys within the Ribble Valley, often overshadowed by the majestic Pendle Hill. Where and how we make our toys is very different than ones produced in more affordable production locations like China. Lancashire has always had a rich lineage for manufacturing ever since the industrial revolution, and it is one we draw upon to inspire our eco-commitments and our advanced maker processes.

In contemporary toy craft, we offer a next step in the efforts to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change

Sustainable Raw Materials

Innovative Toys Designed
& Crafted Locally

Made Responsively to Order
& not on Mass

Low Transportation Footprint of
Raw Materials & Toys

Reduced Need for Packaging

Multifunctional & Open-ended Toys Designed to Last

Avoidance of Petrochemical Derivatives

Support buyers to Re-gift,
Re-sell & Recycle

Crafted to Order Locally

Each piece is designed, crafted and made locally, by us, here in the outskirts of Manchester, UK. We use sustainably sourced woods and deploy lean digital fabrication methods that help us to make toys responsively to order. Our toys come without the large international carbon footprints. This is due to sustainable materials, keeping the transportation of raw materials and products low and not needing to make and store toys in large batches.

Designed and Built to Last

Our toys are designed with longevity in mind. They are open-ended, multifunctional and grow with your little one’s interests and development. Furthermore, the high-quality materials and build quality ensures they will adapt and last many generations of playtime, as we never design for ‘‘Planned obsolescence’.