Social Influencers

We are super privileged to have a close-knit network of social media influencers. Together they work as a collective to help raise awareness about the mischief making of Dr Hellion and Hellion Toys. At present there are two types of influencer programs, Brand Representatives and Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Representatives

Brand Representatives typically post excellent quality photos or video content twice weekly and this content shows hellion toys set ups, shelfies or Hellion Toys in play. Day to Day Representatives are likely to be involved with campaigns and creating seasonal content. Furthermore, Representatives like, comment and share Hellion Toys social media posts.

Behind the scenes Dr Hellion runs a warm and inclusive chat group that Representatives are welcomed to participate within. Typically, this space for fun and mischief. We have historically had quiz nights, virtual social get-togethers and support each other’s social media journeys. Representatives receive a 20% website discount, 10% friends and family code, and access heavily discounted perfectly imperfect items. A completed term gives you the opportunity to apply to be considered as an Ambassador.

Application Timetable 2021

Representative Terms last three months and this includes the application and onboarding process. The 2021 rep calendar can be found below.

Term one: April-June 2021.

Term two:  July-September 2021.

Terms three:  October-December 2021.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are a collectively made up from selected former reps. It is a tight knit group of super hellion aficionados and made up from very dedicated, experienced and committed people. Ambassadors get behind the scenes here at HQ, so therefore are not affiliated with any other wooden Toymakers or manufacturers as a blanket rule.

Brand Ambassadors post excellent quality photos/videos frequently and this content shows hellion toys set ups, shelfies or in play. They are likely to be involved with photo assignments, campaigns, creating seasonal content, competitions and supporting our wholesale partners. Ambassadors like, comment and share hellion toys social media posts as well as take the lead on running some official channels on occasion. Behind the scenes Dr Hellion runs a warm, inclusive, and positive chat group exclusively for Ambassadors only.

Ambassadors go the extra mile regarding posting of content and business support and are rewarded for their efforts with a 30% discount code, 10% friends and family codes, care packages, and first dibs on heavily discounted perfectly imperfect items. Space on the ambassador program is limited and past performance is taken into account.

Application Timetable 2021

Dr Hellion reviews the ambassador program every six months.

Reviews this year will be between 1-7th February 2021 and 1-7th July 2021.

Ambassadors may join or leave between these review periods, so if you wish to become an ambassador please apply and Dr Hellion will put your application for consideration. Just note interest in the Ambassador program is high.

If you feel like you can show Hellion Toys off at their very best and with integrity, please click the button below to download our application form to apply.